Q111 Project Development

I refined the ideas put forward by New Balance and came up with the beat breakdowns for two ideas that were influenced by more than one of the original 5 ideas.The beat breakdown was necessary as at this stage there was no much script, but the narrative had been further developed from that of the original outline ideas. The breakdown also suggested how long each shot might be.

Another meeting resulted in New Balance picking their preferred idea. I made the animatic for this. I also sent it to the composer so he could experience some of the timings, and try some rough music as a starting point.

Actually I made a few, so New Balance had a few opportunities to feedback and I could keep refining. I was also able to write a really specific music brief using the rough music as a starting point. Music is so difficult to describe, and as well as understanding the clients’ needs and descriptions, I then had to pass this onto the composer.
I met Billy Payne the composer through fate really, but I really thought he was perfect for this job as I think his pseudo pop style suits the New Balance Brand. Back in November 2009, I attended Bristols brilliant Brief Encounters Festival, I thoroughly enjoyed it and you certainly get a lot for your money. During the festival, there was one film I saw more than anyone else’s;

It was entered in so many categories and the catchy tune stayed with me after the festival.
Then by fate earlier this year, my drum playing house mate met up with a guitarist who had responded to an advert for forming a band. This was of course Billy and I was quick to realise he had composed the film about poo’s soundtrack! I think he was quite surprised to see that his reputation had preceded him! Within months of that meeting, I was inviting Billy to be involved in the project !
Join in the conversation; Do you find it hard to compose for clients? Do you find it hard to describe you music brief to you composer? Do you have a good method for describing music?

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