Are misconceptions preventing your business growth?

When it comes to identifying new prospects and winning new clients, it’s safe to say that business can be tough, especially if you’re trying to take your business to the next level.

And, if your target audience has strong ideas and preconceptions about your business, based on other companies within the sector or even popular stereotypes about your industry, it can be an almost impossible task.  Maybe your business faces being tarred with the same brush as your competitors, who are not as ethical in their approach or their customer experience. This can have a real impact on your success and your ability to win new clients. It’s frustrating to be locked out before you’ve even managed to get your toe in the door, never mind your foot, particularly when it’s based on misconceptions and incorrect information.

The solution

But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right marketing techniques and materials, you can spread your brand’s key messages, quash any misconceptions, and help to get the truth out there.

Recruitment company Clear Hire approached us as they were experiencing this very problem and felt that it was having an impact on their brand’s growth and development. After all, it’s fair to say that, as a whole, the recruitment industry has a bit of a negative reputation, with many people associating the sector with big fees and only mediocre results.

But Clear Hire prides itself on offering something different. Implementing a different, totally transparent pricing strategy and a state-of-the-art software portal, they offer a unique service that really stands out from their competitors. But, like many businesses, although they knew what made them different, they needed help shouting about it. And that’s where we came in.

The Results

Taking their brief on board, we created two animations for them, and the results spoke for themselves. Within a relatively short period of time, the team at Clear Hire have had to recruit 5 new team members to cope with the increase they have experienced in demand. The animation is constantly educating and promoting Clear Hire behind the scenes as part of a long term marketing strategy.

Don’t let your customers’ misconceptions ruin your opportunities for growth and development. Get in touch and we’ll start helping you bust through the misconceptions today!