10 Ways to Use GIFs

1 To shout about an event
People search online for all kind of events. If you want your event to be successful and well attended, it’s important that you make it as easy as possible for your target audience to find your event online. And what better way to promote your event than with a GIF? It’s not only a highly effective way to spread the word about your event, but this strategy will also help you position yourself as a forward-thinking, on trend event.


This event had 78% further engagement with GIFs.

2 To shout about a promotion

Do you have a limited time special offer or promotion?  Many brands incorporate promotions into their marketing strategy, for example, by offering a free gift with the purchase of product X or when customers spend X. If you’re offering a special promotion or offer, it’s important to spread the world far and wide so that the exercise has the maximum impact. GIFs are a great, attention-grabbing way to promote your offer.

3 To show your brand’s personality


If you sell a relatively dry business service, it doesn’t mean that your marketing and promotions materials have to be dry too. GIFs are a great way to engage with your audience and show the fun side of your brand – after all, people buy from people.


GIFs can be used to show the emotions around your product, so, for example, if your product or service saves people time or money, how does that make them feel? It can be a mini story or a serialised story across many gifs- imagine if the Gold Blend adverts were a gif today!

4 To encourage action

If your gif is fun enough to entice your audience to watch it and they are impressed, your potential customers are most likely to take action immediately after. With this in mind, simple GIFs that inspire actions such as ‘sign up’, ‘click here’ etc, can be incredibly effective.

5 To cut through the noise

When you’re reaching out to your audience on social media, you only get 7 seconds to make a lasting impression on someone. GIFs automatically play in Twitter and Facebook feeds – exposing your target consumers to 7 seconds of attractive movement and action that they will flock to like a moth to a flame. GIFs are particularly useful on Twitter as they allow you to provide more context or explanation than you would be able to convey in 140 characters or less.


6 To shout about your USP

When you’re trying to engage with your audience on Twitter, you only have 140 characters to play with. A GIF allows you to add extra context and convey information quicker and more effectively.


When you use GIFs to promote your USPs, you’re demonstrating to your audience from the outset that you are on trend. Once you’ve captured their attention, you can let them know why they should choose you rather than your competitors.

7 To educate

Using an animated GIF, you can visualise your learning point or collected data in an easy to understand style and convey it to your audience quickly and effectively. Plus, it’s actually a lot easier than having to write all of the information out [and you might be limited to 140 characters anyway!]. The learning cone suggests that we remember 30% of what we see and 20% of what we hear – combine that into a GIF and we remember 50% of what we see and hear!

8 To charm your audience

Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites, and %150 more retweets than those without images. And this figure is magnified by the visual motion of GIFs. If your audience is the kind of audience that would be impressed that you are on trend, then you need to go for it! In addition to this, your followers may be more likely to share a gif – spreading your message further still!

9 To recruit

Recruiting the right people is hard to do, but it’s key for business growth. Attract people that want to work for you and that are the right kind of people to grow your brand, by promoting your available opportunity attractively.

10 To express seasonal greeting

Using GIFs, you can say Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Divalia and more…making them a quick and easy way to greet many. You can even used them to say ‘Happy Birthday’ directly to a contact!

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