Has your brand got a sonic design?



When it comes to marketing your business effectively,  it’s important that you establish a brand identity that will differentiate you from your competitors. This is vital as establishing a memorable personality will allow you to optimise brand awareness and secure a credible reputation.  


If you’re struggling to connect and engage with your target market , have you ever considered using animation?

Animation is perfect for bringing your brand identity to life, allowing you to reflect your personality, services and ethos in a fun, engaging and interesting way.


However, if you are struggling to finely tune your branding, you might want to work alongside a branding expert before considering animation. Once you have established a brand logo and identity that you are happy with, your animation will simply fall into place.

Importance of Audio

But that’s not all…as part of the branding process, audio design should never be under looked. This is because bespoke,composed music will help you to develop and establish your brand. This can become your theme and it can be used across multiple animations and marketing platforms.


Somewhere manchester instantly recognised the benefits of investing in animation to bring their core brand messages to life. I am extremely proud of their finished animation and believe that it portrays their business in the best possible light.  


The branding was done by Creative by Us and the audio design was done by Deft Ear, I love working collaboratively.

Somewhere Mcr
Somewhere Mcr coming soon!

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