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Give something free to your potential customers as a marketing strategy

Do you often find yourself sharing your knowledge and expertise to contacts, suppliers and customers, free of charge? More and more businesses have started to recognise the benefits that come hand in hand with offering their customers free products, advice and services, as an effective marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy

An effective strategy when it comes to optimising brand awareness and extending your reach to new customers, giving away something free will allow you to reap a number of rewards in the long run. And although you will not receive and instant return on investment, you will benefit from this marketing tactic later on, when a bigger service is required.

But how should you approach this marketing strategy? As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, there are now more ways than ever before to spread the word, maximise brand exposure and optimise PR opportunities through the use of innovative technology.

For example, have you ever considered delivering snippets of advice in the form of engaging animations? Set yourself up as the go to expert in your field. Show your customers how much you want to help them, rather than sell to them.

Problem Solving

Most businesses make their money by solving problems, so offering free advice will demonstrate to your viewers that there is a need for your service. These can be packaged as tips and delivered as individual short form content. We can even create one long form animation such as the example below which we created for a law form.

I worked on this with big tank video for Stephensons law firm. I often work collaboratively.

Positioning yourself as an expert in your field of work by offering free advice is a great way to educate your customers, helping them to understand the context in which they may require your services.
For example,  law services are broad, often complex and wide ranging, meaning it can often be difficult for customers to understand which services they require and of course, this can be overwhelming for those that have never needed to use your services before.

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