video animation vs video talking head

When to use animation or a talking head?

Talking head videos are often used when businesses want to talk directly into the camera or complete an interview style video.

A good example is a testimonial video, which can be an effective video tool when it comes to implementing and enhancing your digital marketing strategy.


There are a number advantages that come hand in hand with video Interviews, including the fact that they are a great way to create the impression that you are an expert in your field. You may also want to invest in video marketing to share interview tips and advice that will also help to support your learning points. This method of communication will also allow you to look far more credible as an organisation.

However, many businesses are quickly realising that talking head videos might not be the most effective solution when it comes to video marketing.

This is mainly because it’s often the case that using people in a video results in a short shelf life, as it’s very easy for the video to look dated due to the fact clothes and haircuts are constantly changing.

With this in mind, animation tends to be far more effective when marketing a service, as it’s not a physical product.


Animations are perfect for demonstrating how your products or services work, without having to take the time to describe it in prose. But that’s not all… an animated typography could still work for a testimonial video as the audio of the customer can be incorporated whilst creating engaging visuals to match their interview. This can work really well if the customer wishes to remain anonymous, or just doesn’t like to be filmed on video. And, of course some people do not come across well on film, so might prefer to be animated!

Talking head shots can also be animated and can help to explain your learning points efficiently and attractively. It’s a modern twist on a classic interview style production. I have trusted partners who I can collaborate with to make this happen.

This is a great example to aspire to. Enjoy, and let’s make one together for your business, get in touch here.

Greater Reading Economic Partnership – Bill’s Khakis from Seth Eckert on Vimeo.