use photos in explainer animation marketing

Show Customers Why They Should do Business with Your Team


Have you got a great team ready to offer first-class customer service to new and existing customers?


Show off this valuable benefit by featuring them in your marketing animation videos. Let your team start to build strong relationships with customers, and project the characters of the real people behind your business.


While the Internet and telephone are effective communication tools for businesses, we often miss out on the benefits offered by face to face contact with our customers and potential clients. By featuring your team in your marketing videos your customers get to know the people they are dealing with and recognise their faces. This creates rapport, puts customers at ease, and builds loyalty, which all benefits your business.


Feature your team in video animation and show their human side.


We can create Animated Photographs, which give a quirky unique edge to animation and will connect with viewers in an even stronger way than video or pure animation.


Animated Photographs make technical subjects more engaging by adding a touch of comedy and showing your team as real people who are friendly and approachable. This breaks down barriers on phone calls and in meetings as customers both old and new feel they already know the person they are talking with.


Serious subjects can be presented with the reverence they require, and your team shown as the people to contact due to their levels of professionalism.
We can project the image you want by using different techniques. The example below was used by Porkys, as part of a crowd funding campaign to tell the story of the people behind their business. It was created with The Tree PR agency.



Alternative techniques include full length photo animation, mixed in with animated graphics, that create a bold, punchy video with creativity that will impress viewers.


For an example of successful animation that made an organisation stand out in a competitive market, open the link below. Created with the Octopus Group this animation helped Flexiant achieve an increase of 10% more site visits, and 54% more qualified sales leads, compared to previous launches.

If you want to gain the benefits of featuring your team in a Photographic Animation, arrange to talk to us today.