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Why Line Only Animation Could be the Best Style for Your Marketing Videos

Line only animation could be the best solution for your marketing videos, here’s why.

With whiteboard style animation, with images appearing as if drawn by hand, it often takes time for the drawings to appear. This is fine if you are an organisation such as the Royal Society of Arts, who use animation with drawn images to educate, and to drive social progress. These animations are very professional, and excellent at getting detailed points across to the viewer. The detailed learning points presented are key to the overall message and these longer points make slowly drawn images ideal for the timing of the speaker. The voiceovers are often recorded in lectures and the pace of the animations are in keeping with the timing. I have created many videos in the same style, but it isn’t the best style for all topics.

If shorter, key points such as product or service benefits are what you want to communicate, then other forms of animation could be more effective for your business marketing campaigns.

If your script is fast and pacey, with short messages on features and benefits, you don’t want long gaps while the drawings catch up with the narrative. Modern customers are short of time, if you lose their attention for even a second they will click on to the next option. Other styles of animation can also be more budget friendly as they’re less labour intensive.

I create simple, effective Line Only Animations for clients. The style offers many benefits and can include much more creativity, which allows the animation to be customised to compliment the marketing message.

Often the line draws itself on to the screen, without the need for a hand and pen to be seen frantically scribbling away at ridiculous speeds while trying to keep up with the pace of the message.

Line Only Animation allows other images and creative transitions to be blended into the presentation. This visual variety keeps the viewer’s attention far more effectively than a pure whiteboard video. See these examples of what’s possible with Line Only Animation, and consider how we could create your next marketing campaign:


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