Infographical facts in an animated video GIF

When the Facts are Clear it’s Infographics that Gets a Response

When you want to express clear and decisive facts, animated infographics could be the most effective medium to use.


Infographics continue to be a successful way to make a presentation that communicates facts. Whether as learning points, key messages about a proposal or offer, or for simple sales propositions, infographics will share your information succinctly.


Infographics can be animated as full 60-90 second animations, or broken up into short animated hooks that grab attention and move viewers to act as part of a sales or decision funnel.

They can be great for presenting results of industry or technology research in a clear and simple format. Using easy to understand infographics will set you up as an authority in your field that can share free information in a way that non-experts can grasp.


Infographics also give you the benefit of conveying information quickly, and busy people with little time available will appreciate this and are more likely to buy from you now, or at a later date.

The simplicity of infographics is very effective if you have concise factual benefits related to your business service, for example: how you can save time or money for your clients. Displaying the benefits as facts in attractive infographics form will capture the attention of your audience, and clearly demonstrate why you are the right choice. The presentation becomes almost instructional as the call to action is part of the content itself.

Infographics are very memorable and visually attractive, making them ideal for sharing, and even more so when motion is introduced. Animated infographics create a long-lasting effect, priming potential buyers ready for when the need to buy arises.

Aston Business School had some key facts about their course, and the journey their students go on, that are conveyed in two different animations. The animations were in collaboration with the Digitronix agency. See how easily the information is communicated and think about whether your organisation could use the same techniques.



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