4 Ways Animated Videos Can Save Time, Money, and Benefit Your Business

See 4 ways that #Animated #Videos can benefit your business by saving you time, money, and making your investments more effective.
Save Time on the Lead Up to a Sale


Do you have a key #sales message that you want prospects to know, and remember, even before they contact you?


By gently pre-educating prospects, sometimes before you even know that they are prospects, you will be further along the #sales process when you get to speak with them, and closer to closing the sale. You can communicate your key sales message with a short #animation that can be added to your website, or sent via email.


Save Time on Recruitment
#Recruitment is time consuming. You have to search for ways to find the right talent, advertise the position, get people to apply, and that’s all before the assessment and interview process starts.


Turn this time consuming, expensive process on its head and get talented people that meet your criteria to contact you. You can have a #video #animation that’s attention grabbing, interesting, and explains who you are looking for and how they should contact you. Stand out from the crowd and use #animation to attract the talent you need.

Induct New Staff in a Way That They Will Remember
When you #induct new #staff, and present the policies and procedures of your organisation, you can do it in one of two ways.


You can overwhelm them with written or verbal information that they can’t possibly take in all at once. Or, you can have a video animation created that presents information using images, which is far more interesting and easier to absorb than documents and the printed word. Once created you can re-use the same image and make all staff inductions a pleasant experience.


Leverage Your Investments


You’ve invested a lot of time and money in having #Apps, #software, and a #website, but they’re not being used. #Video #animation is one of the best ways to show people where your technology is, how they can access it, and what the benefits are for the users. Leverage your investments by using #animation to walk visitors through your technology and make dealing with you easier than dealing with your competitors.


If you want to talk further about any of the above ways #animated #videos can help your #business, arrange a friendly conversation with us by phone or email.

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