A Quick Overview of Video Animation


A is for Animation, (well we had to start somewhere) a fun way to get your message across so that it’s remembered and acted upon.


B is for Better understanding, which is what video animation gives your viewers.


C is for Creativity, the flexibility of #video #animation allows you to let your #creative side go wild.


D is for Delivering your #brand #message using a proven medium that gets measurable results.


E is for Effective communication of #business #messages and sales propositions.


F is for Finding and attracting the audience you want to engage with in a cost effective way.


G is for GIF, content that automatically plays in social media feeds and grabs attention.


H is for Highlighting, a video animation gets you and your message noticed.


I is for Identity, your #animation shouts it to the world using images and narrative.


J is for Jealous, and your competitors will be when they see the impact your animation makes.


K is for Kernels of advice sent to prospects who grow into customers thanks to your animation.


L is for Learning, which staff and customers will quickly do when they see your animation.


M is for Marketing and how video animation should can be an important element of all campaigns.

(If you’ve not considered video animation for marketing, talk to us about how it works)
N is for Natural communication using images to present information which is easily absorbed.
O is for Opportunities and the endless ways you can create them with video animations.


P is for Power to persuade, one of the major benefits of animation for business.
Q is for Quick to put into action, convey your message, and to get results.
R is for Relatable context that primes your audience ready for acting and making decisions.
S is for Successful communication of sales and company messages, the very essence of animation.


T is for Trackable, see how your animation is working with reports that show its effectiveness.


U is for Unique, which is what your animation will be and why it will stand out.


V is for Vimeo, just one of the many platforms your animated message can be presented on.
W is for Working 24 hours a day and that’s what your animation will do for you.
X is for Xplaining, (just a tiny cheat) which animations do extremely well.
Y is for You tube where your animation can be seen by thousands of visitors.


Z is for Zeroing in on your specific target audience with a unique animation created just for them.


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