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Misconceptions and The Truth About Video Animation

Animation is going to be the solution to all my problems

#Animation will give you a great return on investment as part of your marketing strategy. The results are consistent and measurable. Video animations works best as part of a sales process or funnel, and should be created to play a specific role, for example: attract new prospects, communicate a key message to potential customers, or motivate prospects to take an action.


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Video animation is expensive and it takes too long to create

#Video animation is an investment that has great value in terms of its shelf life, the large numbers that can watch your video, and how it can grow your business. It takes around 6 to 8 weeks from the initial concept, but remember this is a unique animation just for you, not an off-the-shelf product. Our animation specialists have taken years to develop their expertise, they are true professionals, and this is reflected in the cost. Animation will save you time and money, and bring in new business. Think of it as an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

It’s too childish for my company

Animation was great when we were kids growing up. It grabbed our attention and kept our interest. Modern video animation can now use those same techniques while the content reflects the image you want for your business. Animations can be fun, friendly, or serious. They can show people their dreams, solutions to problems, actions to avoid, and what action to take in any type of situation. In fact, tackling some adult issues can be easier using animation rather than written words or real actors.


Let us match your #brand with animation that communicates who you are and what you do.

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mixing the ingredients

A short video is about 5 minutes long

A long, animated video is about 3 minutes, and the perfect length is around 60 seconds. Any type of media can only keep a viewer’s attention for a short time. We use short snappy, key messages to keep the audience engaged.

We now offer 60 second videos that comprise of four 20 second parts, which can also be promoted as part of your strategy, so you get twice as much content for your money. We also have a package of five 20 second animations, so you can really have short sharp impact.


Audio isn’t that important

Audio is an important part of the storytelling. It sets the tone, creates the mood, and lets the audience know what is coming next. Your brand can be identified by its audio just like a famous film franchise can. Think Intel and McDonalds – you know who they are just from hearing their sonic logo. By combining sound and visuals we create a powerful communication tool.

My brand is important

Yes your brand is important, but not as important as your message. Your brand will be shown just enough for it to be recognised and associated with the animation.

It’s important to go through all the services we provide

What is important is to convey the benefits your services will give the customer, the problems they will solve, and what they will gain. Customers want to know what’s in it for them.

One video can cover everything we do


It’s all about attention time and presenting key benefits. Short animated videos for each service will be more effective than a long video covering everything. People want short messages with simple explanations. They are more likely to watch multiple short videos with key messages, than a long one with too much information, which is why we have our new packages to match this viewing trend.

Our video can target anyone and everyone

The most effective marketing is where the prospect thinks you are talking directly to them. A short animation showing how a customer’s specific problem can be solved is far more effective than one with many scenarios that don’t all connect with the viewer.


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