An example of a GIF, character animation and 2D digital animation
An example of a GIF, character animation and 2D digital animation

2d Digital Animation

Animation created using illustrator and after effects, drawn in the computer, and manipulated in the animation software.

After effects

Adobe animation and editing software I regularly use to create great effects.


Manipulating designs of graphics or characters so that they are brought to life in a video form.


Once the digital designs are done, a movie is created of the still designs timed to a recording of the voice over. Both parties can see how the animation is shaping up before animating starts.

Character Animation

The character is driving the narrative of the animation.

Concept in the Proposal

The thoughts and ideas on the goals the animated video will achieve, and how it will achieve them.


Marketing materials to share online, including graphics, information, articles as well as video. The content is how the message is presented within the media used.


The connection between your content and the viewers watching your video, for example: emotionally, visually, logically. Only with engagement will visitors react and share your video, click your links, or contact you.

Explainer Animation

An animation designed to explain a business service, or other process, with some key messages or learning points.


A short, animated clip that will auto play on social media platforms immediately grabbing the viewers attention.

Hand Drawn Animation

Animation drawn in the computer, but drawn frame by frame in traditional style as if drawn by hand.


Adobe software used to digitally draw up designs of characters and backgrounds.

Library Music

Library stock music that you can use for your animation, which is budget friendly, but many other businesses could use the same music.

Motion Graphics

Animation made up of moving graphics, rather than character based.


A proposal of my recommendations for your video animation. The proposal will include a breakdown of costs, time scales, and what you will receive.


The written script will include all the key information in context to be read as a voice over for the video.

Social Sharing

Sharing your video content on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as part of the marketing promotion.


Once the script is written, sketches of the visuals are drawn up to match the script, so all parties can see how the story is shaping up and progressing.


Putting your video on the Internet so it can be seen.


Unique Selling Point, sometimes known as a Unique Sales Proposition. A clear and concise way of presenting a unique feature or benefit that you can offer your customers.


Any visual recording from a marketing animation to a live action movie.

Video Platform

A place to upload videos online, such as you tube, Vimeo or wistia.

Video Marketing

Using video as a marketing tool as all or part of a marketing strategy.

Whiteboard Animation

Designs appearing to be drawn on screen by hand, as developed by RSA animate, works best for educational projects.
Speak to us about video animation on the details below.


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