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Growing pains?

It is exciting times here, as I have decided I want to grow my business. One way in which I am going to do that is through recruiting some new talent with different skill sets from mine. My first employee will be an illustrator.



I am growing slowly and recruiting slowly; to ensure both my first employee and me are the right fit for each other.  Although it feels like a big step, I am happy in the knowledge that the role will grow over a long-term strategy, alongside business growth, and only a particular type of person will enjoy this. Having the right culture fit is important to me, with some talent that I can nurture and mould into a superstar.

How to nurture a happy work place?
How to nurture a happy work place

Freelancer to business woman

The freelancer life can give so much freedom, yet be lonely, for a long time I have enjoyed no commute and the freedom of cooking fresh for lunch, rather than grotty sandwiches or the same meal deal each day from the local shop. But now on the flip side, I am looking forward to bouncing ideas around and discussions on the possibilities for each project, as we build up trust, respect and responsibility together. The very exciting thing is that I charge for my time, and suddenly now I have pretty much double the time available; so the risk doesn’t seem so scary!


The role will slowly but surely develop from an internship, to a part time role, to a full time role. This means that at each stage, both parties are able to assess what is right for them, as it will consist of many first times for both!

I have received some criticism for offering an internship, which of course was horrible to receive, but was from a very negative person. But I hope I am demonstrating here a strategy for sustainable, longevity and steady growth, fair for both parties. I regularly receive enquiries for students looking for work experience almost as often as I do from companies looking for animation, so now I’m able to turn it into a realistic opportunity for both of us.

I would be interested in hearing other small business’ strategies for growth and recruitment.



I am also aware that there may be bigger opportunities out there, so I’m looking to retain the right candidate. I’m going to offer a perk program, as well as personal development coaching.

It’s exciting times here at KEA, and I would enjoy hearing about your own strategies for staff retention too.

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