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Kim Emson Animates is growing!

It is exciting times here, as I have decided I want to grow my business. One way in which I am going to do that is through recruiting some new talent with different skill sets from mine. My first employee will be an illustrator.


Small studio

I have been working from a studio base in Manchester city centre since April last year, so that was certainly the first stage of moving towards growth, so now I have a little commute at the start of the day, so now it’s time to have some company during the day. This time of year is of course about to explode with new graduates, but also all the degree shows. As part of my recruitment strategy I tried my hardest to attend all the degree shows, but in the end I was super busy for the opening nights, so hope to attend the open show over the coming weeks, so I hope they have left enough contact details for me to collect.


Development opportunities

But that’s not all, the role available to a talented graduate, has more to offer than illustration goals. I am working with Steve from Superstars Coaching to ensure that my employee has a personal development plan, to ensure they are happily going in the direction that is right for them, and not just being squished into what I need them to do. I think this is key for ensuring longevity and a good culture fit to bridge the gap between graduating and employment. Some graduates do excellent at university, maybe gaining a First, with some misplaced confidence as that First doesn’t always translate into working to live briefs.

Also through Steve’s programs, I am developing myself as a leader. In the freelance life, its very easy to stay still, and not develop, as potentially, we are in the working lifestyle we enjoy, as well as being pigeon holed by our clients and strategic partners. Recruiting gives an opportunity for my personal development as well as the business growth.


I am also able to offer great perks for my employee through the Vitality program through Milestone Financial. I want to show how although I’m not a large company, I am offering a different employment experience and to demonstrate that I am a caring employer. The program encourages and monitors healthy forward steps throughout the year and the lifestyle rewards this brings are great perks. Perks such as Starbucks, Cinema tickets, gym membership discounts and discount flights.

Health is important to me, so it would be great to work with someone who shares a health conscious mindset, as well as someone who will enjoy working towards the perks. I hope these two added extras ensure retention in this role, to ensure all goes to plan.

I look forward to meeting you!

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