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Animatedly Strategic Planning days

Do you have a burning desire to express your creative side?  Make something you will be proud of? You would if you had the time, and your job isn’t too creative?


Have you ever wanted to learn how to animate? How could you possibly? Well you could possibly if you were able to do it as part of a team away day!


Not only that, but the animation you make will be a narrative based on your new strategic planning or project, or maybe it affirms your mission statement, your ethos your approach. So it will be a super productive day to drive the business forward as well as all the other elements of fun involved in a team building away day.


Imagine it, returning to the office proudly showing off your new animation. Well this was our idea, but this is not available yet, it would be a new venture for both Creative Engagement and Kim Emson.


If this is a potential fit, then this can only be made into a reality if you complete our survey. Through the survey we are listening and learning about what different business’ and organisations’ thoughts and desires are for strategic planning and team away days. So if this sounds up your street, let us know what you like and don’t like in the survey.

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