use video animation to raise awareness of mental health

Why you may need to use animation to raise Mental Health Awareness

As today is Mental Health Awareness Day, here are 6 Great animations with themes of mental health. Mental health is a difficult subject to talk for both sufferers and those that care about a sufferer. It can be difficult to understand if you haven’t suffered, animation handles this complex, abstract subject brilliantly, that maybe would not have worked as effectively in live action.

Its Such a Beautiful Day

By Don Hertzfeldt 2012

Started off as a short film trilogy now a feature length

Rocks in my Pocket

By Signe Baumane 2014

Tale of A Wolf

1960’s Hanna Barbera’s animation about Loopy de Loop and his triggers to his addiction.

Mr Finley’s Feelings

By Richard Taylor very relatable.

So your going Crazy

A film by Hilary Dean is made up of interviews and animation.


Henry is just beside himself in this short film I saw at 2009’s Brief Encounters short film festival. By Jeremy Clapin

Please Stay on the Line

This one has to be my favourite by Melon Comedy, whom are looking to fund more films.

If your organisation needs video for a sensitive subject matter, animation could be the answer, I’d love to see if I can help you. Animation is great to maximise on public awareness initiatives. When is the next awareness initiative for your organisation? Contact me today.

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