Animatedly generating awareness about sustainable energy truths

Recently, E-on conducted a survey of homeowners regarding sustainable energy, and the results are positive and interesting giving reason for solar energy providers to invest in a marketing strategy.

The details have been included in many articles;

The survey of 2,000 homeowners conducted by utility E.On found that when asked about the types of smart technologies they would want in their homes, four in ten (44%) said they’d like solar panels and/or an electricity battery storage system by the end of the decade.


This beat out the likes of smart lighting systems (35%) and an electric vehicle charging point (13%), despite the obvious synergies between the technologies.


In addition, those asked who already have solar (9%) highly praised the technology for the improvements it has made to their homes. More than three quarters (76%) said they’re saving money; almost two thirds (65%) said their home is more energy efficient; and almost a third (30%) said they’ve seen the value of their property increase as a result of having solar panels installed.


However, the survey also found that many of the myths regarding solar that have long dogged the industry continue to persist. Almost a fifth (17%) of those questioned claimed solar panels only generate electricity when it’s sunny rather than during ambient levels of irradiance, while 11% wrongly believed that solar panels don’t work in cold climates. [source]

Why is this insight useful?

It is excellent news that the demand for sustainable energy is there for the taking, but the lack of knowledge and understanding and misconceptions are clear blockers to sales for sustainable energy product providers, as we all make buying decisions based on what we know and understand. Those who are prepared to stand out from the crowd and educate their prospects will win the biggest chunk of the demand for solar. With no current consumer awareness program, it’s up to you the product providers to do so, as E-on have been pushing.


However, the article gives great information to show the financial reasons for investing in sustainable energy, but its not clear how widespread that knowledge or understanding. You would expect an existing solar owner to know this already, perhaps potential prospects don’t yet understand this, and this is preventing further sales. So it would be beneficial to promote this factual information to prospects for solar energy.


I should think some of the financial benefits of solar energy are dogged by the feed in tariffs change, so you really need to shout about the financial benefits. It is a shame that there is no national consumer awareness initiative from the government, but this is more reason for you to really get out there to your potential customers!


The next job would be to educate and promote the truths about solar energy working using daylight, not sunshine, so even residents in Manchester where the rain sounds like home can benefit from solar energy. This combined with the financial benefits will be a powerful combination.


Now this is just homeowners! How do block management or commercial property owners feel? Well they are most likely a residential home owner too, so if you educate the homeowners, that is your access into the commercial side.


But how do we promote these inspiring facts?

Through the power of animation! Kim Emson Animates can create an animation that is simple to understand yet easy and enjoyable to watch and absorb. The animation will be created bespoke to you making it clear to the viewer why they should choose you and not your competitors, as there are many solar energy providers and installers and how are you going to stand out? If you invested in animation, your prospects would be suitably impressed that you took the time to explain the details in an interesting and appealing way.


E-on has also teamed up with the Gorillaz, demonstrating how solar energy and animation is a great match!  The animation is to celebrate the launch of a solar powered studio. However, the animation is set in a desert, to further cloud the myth about the panels operating in daylight not sunshine.


Check it out!


If you would really like to sell more solar panels and batteries through creating an animation to combat the myths of solar, then get in touch!!


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