4 panel comic of when you are excited for the bank holiday but the weather ruins it.

Emma’s internship Week 2


(Written Aug 22nd 2017)

The second week has passed and my internship already feels like it’s flying by. I already feel that I have done so much in such a short space of time, at KEA I am always given tasks to do so there is never a second where I don’t have anything to do, nor do these tasks include making cups of tea (this I do voluntarily) that some internships are known to include. This week I was tasked with creating an Illustration for the upcoming Bank holiday, with support I brainstormed ideas which – as I had a lot more freedom with coming up with the concept- I was able to come up with multiple ideas and I quite enjoyed this task. The final design was a small four panel comic that depicted that excitement of being able to go out and enjoy the bank holiday weekend but then being bitterly disappointed to find out that the weather doesn’t particularly care about your plans to visit the beach and continues to rain like the rest of the year.

After completing this task I began work on creating the design concept of a KEA explainer video, I started off by simply reading through the script that was provided so that I understood what was being explained and that was able to influence any design decisions and the overall narrative. I also began to research current visual trends for an up-to-date look, this was also quite educational for myself as this gets me to also keep up to date with any trends but also about what is happening in both the illustration and design community, alongside with strengthening my illustration skills by stepping outside my comfort area.

Just by what I have been able to achieve in just a couple week confirms the development I am already making over the internship, and seeing all that I will be doing over not only the remainder of my internship but after that I am positive that I will continue to develop not only in my illustrations as I start to be able to work faster and maintain a level of quality, but with my research and business skills.

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