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Emma’s internship Week 4

The final week has arrived. I’m surprised with how quickly it has passed over these summer months and how much I have done and learned in such a short space of time.

This week was a continuation of the last week, despite knowing that a full animation for Play-Doh day was not possible to be made in time, we have considered the idea of creating a simple- yet fun GIF using Play-Doh. A Game of Thrones GIF “Uncle Benjens One Trick Pony” by Eran Mendel sparked this idea. It was an interesting challenge to come up with an idea for a GIF that was simple, visually entertaining, and created a loop.

'uncle benjen one trick pont' eran mendal game of thrones gif


However we came to the conclusion that we just wouldn’t be able to create something  in time for the day, however we know for next year to plan ahead and now have some idea that could be developed when needed.

I also began an illustration for a blog about solar energy that Kim was writing, with this illustration I used colour surge, something I had learned about just the week before, I also experimented with a simple vector style that would be easy to animate.

Solar energyv2

After finishing this illustration I continued to work on the KEA Explainer video. Reworking the earlier storyboard from the previous week with the research I had done to improve it. Alongside thinking about the visuals, I also had to consider how it would be animated and how each scene would transition to the next, as this was one of the first animation storyboards I had worked on it was quite the challenge.

Though this week was the end of my internship, it was far from the end of working for KEA. This week I got my first taste of client work, and it was a big one. I got the opportunity to work on a project for Crown Paints; towards the end of the week I began sketching up a design to send to the client for them to give feedback on the style of the animation, during this process I experimented further with some illustration styles and looked into applying textures.

Thus ends my internship and I begin the next week in part time employment, I have done and learned so much in a short space of time and I know that I will continue to create and learn and only improve as an illustrator, expanding my skills and portfolio.


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