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Posting content without a strategy is like playing the board game, Battleships

Video content keeps your website on Google’s search radar. That’s common knowledge. However, content alone by no means guarantees customer leads, conversions or a return on investment, for that matter. And random videos, without a clear plan of action, can often miss the target before your marketing budget is blown clean out of the water.

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Time to get strategic

You might have fallen into the trap of making embedded video content your sole marketing strategy. Schoolboy error… And if your animated content is not part of an overall marketing plan, you’re really missing a trick. The best messaging and production values in the world cannot change that fact.

You need to think strategic and get social, by sharing your content across Facebook, Twitter or wherever your audience hangs out. So, do you research (or get some to do it for you), and start sharing across these channels. If you find one of your animations is particularly popular, you might want to ‘boost’ the post to maximise its reach. And, if the return is greater than the cost of the ‘boost’, you can repeat this process over again.

Use your marketing “War Chest” wisely


battleships and strategy

Organic searches are great, but you should also create regular video content and budget for online advertising spend, across high traffic sites suitable to your audience. Recently, a client of mine paid for advertising space for their animated content to a relevant high click site and got over 77,000 views – six times more than their competitors received for similar online content.

Another client relaunched their service with a new animation as part of their updated marketing plan – resulting in six times as many web visitors as their previous launch, as well as a higher conversion rate for these leads. Had my clients not invested, their profits would have gone straight into the pockets of their competitors. But, as they well know, you need to keep playing to win.

That’s just the rules of the game.

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