From a young age I enjoyed the solo activity of drawing. For various reasons, me and my bro were the misunderstood kids that were not welcome to play dates. Drawing was something that I could control and no one could spoil, I could do on my own, and was probably my little escapism whilst my brother was up to no good. Combine that with rainy school holidays that made way for lots of vhs watching, as a grounding for an animation fan in the making.

At our home, we would have mini, but thick telephone message pads. My dad would tell me off for all the flip books I would create using them, as of course he needed them for phone messages. I would do simple bouncey balls and stick figures walking, but I guess I was trying to practice the movement to get it correct, little did I know that these are typical animation exercises for masking the principles of animation as established by the awesome 9 old men team of Disney animators.

During school I would always enter drawing competitions, such as design a card or a poster etc, and I won nearly every time. Whilst In high school, a few friends were like, what’s the point in entering, as Kim will win. It pleased me to see that people were enjoying my art work and that my talent was rewarded, so of course it made me enjoy it more and begin to believe in my talent. Although creativity is its own reward, this was also the first time I realised art can have a productive purpose, not just a social purpose.

I worked in children’s animation for a time, but have since found helping business’ much more rewarding. I am able to develop and grow my knowledge through my variety of clients- I learn about each subject matter each time. My misunderstood brother was also a realisation for my passion to help business’ be better understood, as it a frustrating position to be in. I want to create animation that makes people stop and think. If it helps them, or maybe even creates change for just one person or across a whole generation, then even better. I want to help as many business’ as possible, as my clients successes are my successes too.