Strategy Workshop

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

You’ve decided you want an animation for your business, right? But is this the right time for your business and do you have the right channels in place to really make the most of your beautifully crafted, well thought out animation?

A quality animation will be an investment. It is going keep you on Google’s radar, that’s for certain. But bringing potential customers to the site and generating leads isn’t as simple as embedding a single animated video.

You can be certain animated video won’t work for your business if you don’t get your messaging spot on. Plus, if you don’t know how to maximize your animation as part of a wider considered lead generation you will be left feeling disappointed and frustrated and your poor animation will be a little unloved.

Over my years of creating animation for clients, without a doubt the most successful pieces are where the animation is supported by a clear strategy and objectives. I’ve also seen my fair share of disappointed Marketing Managers who thought a single non-strategic animation alone would be enough. This is why I developed strategy workshops!

In a three-hour session, we’ll understand your audience and aspirational customers. We’ll discuss the buyer journey and can identify opportunities to build brand awareness.

Next we take that knowledge and understanding to create clear messaging for your animations.

The session will result in a clear understanding of the marketplace, the digital landscape and your business’ place in that space. And you’ll leave with an overarching strategy for digital communications including a 12-month tactical channel plan for seeding and sharing your animation.

Together we can  ensure a great return on your investment in animation before you even start getting animated.