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Visual trends to look out for in 2018

Title illustration for 2018 visual trends

Every year new trends come to light; previous trends may stand the test of time while other may wither away after not too long. As seen all across the internet we see many bloggers and designers report on the possible trends for the upcoming year; 2017 we saw new trends emerge or grow within animation: motion graphics, illustration, virtual reality and augmented reality. Overall visual design such as the use of “Colour surge”, minimal design, and the evolution on flat design aka flat design 2.0 also made an appearance this year. Here are just some of the current and upcoming trends that may affect animation over 2018.


Dynamic Typography

Typography has always been a huge part of design and has always been a long standing trend that won’t be going anytime soon.

While typography has always been a huge part of web and poster design, animation is now combining with typography to create beautiful, flowing messages as another way to convey the message of the animation. Imagination is the only limitation when it comes to animating typography and with the variety of font and styles, dynamic typography with is a big winner in animation in 2018.

Love Hate:Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.18.04


Alphabetic:Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.22.29



GIFs have blown up in the past couple years, thanks to the popularity with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allowing users to use this medium effortlessly to improve their posts and convey specific emotions and reactions that an emoji might not allow.

Animation is able to take hold of this popular use of GIFs to be more creative in what they are trying to say and is a great way to display humorous, yet simple illustrations.

Boords is coming!: 

Olivia Huynh:



We saw the a retro style in both graphics and animation make a rise during 2017 through both animation and motion graphics, however with the release of the second season of Stranger Things back in October has only aided to sky rocket the popularity of this trend extending its stay through to 2018. Animation gives a refreshing update to the style yet still maintaining that nostalgic feel, and is an effective way to convey a message to an audience.

Yeaaah! Studio Spring 2017 Lookbook:Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.44.00



2018 we’ll be seeing double because of these upcoming trends seen all across design and could also be effectively used in illustration and animation.


Double exposure: This trend has been around for a few years now it still can amaze an audience when used correctly and has begun to evolve to maintain interest.


Double Light: This is an effective way to transform simple, boring graphics into something new and modern. This can be achieved through channel splitting, or using two sources of coloured light.


Double Exposure Duotone: This is an example of the evolution of “Double Exposure” spoken about earlier. This is the combination of Double Exposure and Duotone (Which was also quite popular over 2017), this can be achieved by overlapping two images and two colour channels, creating a bold image.




A trend that has taken the digital world by storm, what was once annoying and unwanted is now sought after. A popular use when it comes to horror, it has also started to be used in animation, effectively used in 2D animation where it would seem more likely for a glitch to take place and is something that will be seen in the upcoming year.

An incredible example of this effect taking place in animation would be “I am Here” by Eoin Duffy, he brings a whole new feel to 2D animation with the correct use of glitching to build up a tense atmosphere:

I am Here:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.54.16



Colour transitions/ gradients

A trend that was first seen back in 2016 when Instagram changed its logo to its now colourful gradient, although at first it received mixed opinions nobody would have guess its rise in the coming years.

Now that flat design has begun to bore audiences, they are craving for something new from this trend to continue to grab their attention.

Colourful gradients are one of the simpler, yet effective way to add a fresh coat of paint to minimal, flat design when using bold combinations.

TEDxNingbo Opening:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.55.12

Animatedly generating awareness about sustainable energy truths

Recently, E-on conducted a survey of homeowners regarding sustainable energy, and the results are positive and interesting giving reason for solar energy providers to invest in a marketing strategy.

The details have been included in many articles;

The survey of 2,000 homeowners conducted by utility E.On found that when asked about the types of smart technologies they would want in their homes, four in ten (44%) said they’d like solar panels and/or an electricity battery storage system by the end of the decade.


This beat out the likes of smart lighting systems (35%) and an electric vehicle charging point (13%), despite the obvious synergies between the technologies.


In addition, those asked who already have solar (9%) highly praised the technology for the improvements it has made to their homes. More than three quarters (76%) said they’re saving money; almost two thirds (65%) said their home is more energy efficient; and almost a third (30%) said they’ve seen the value of their property increase as a result of having solar panels installed.


However, the survey also found that many of the myths regarding solar that have long dogged the industry continue to persist. Almost a fifth (17%) of those questioned claimed solar panels only generate electricity when it’s sunny rather than during ambient levels of irradiance, while 11% wrongly believed that solar panels don’t work in cold climates. [source]

Why is this insight useful?

It is excellent news that the demand for sustainable energy is there for the taking, but the lack of knowledge and understanding and misconceptions are clear blockers to sales for sustainable energy product providers, as we all make buying decisions based on what we know and understand. Those who are prepared to stand out from the crowd and educate their prospects will win the biggest chunk of the demand for solar. With no current consumer awareness program, it’s up to you the product providers to do so, as E-on have been pushing.


However, the article gives great information to show the financial reasons for investing in sustainable energy, but its not clear how widespread that knowledge or understanding. You would expect an existing solar owner to know this already, perhaps potential prospects don’t yet understand this, and this is preventing further sales. So it would be beneficial to promote this factual information to prospects for solar energy.


I should think some of the financial benefits of solar energy are dogged by the feed in tariffs change, so you really need to shout about the financial benefits. It is a shame that there is no national consumer awareness initiative from the government, but this is more reason for you to really get out there to your potential customers!


The next job would be to educate and promote the truths about solar energy working using daylight, not sunshine, so even residents in Manchester where the rain sounds like home can benefit from solar energy. This combined with the financial benefits will be a powerful combination.


Now this is just homeowners! How do block management or commercial property owners feel? Well they are most likely a residential home owner too, so if you educate the homeowners, that is your access into the commercial side.


But how do we promote these inspiring facts?

Through the power of animation! Kim Emson Animates can create an animation that is simple to understand yet easy and enjoyable to watch and absorb. The animation will be created bespoke to you making it clear to the viewer why they should choose you and not your competitors, as there are many solar energy providers and installers and how are you going to stand out? If you invested in animation, your prospects would be suitably impressed that you took the time to explain the details in an interesting and appealing way.


E-on has also teamed up with the Gorillaz, demonstrating how solar energy and animation is a great match!  The animation is to celebrate the launch of a solar powered studio. However, the animation is set in a desert, to further cloud the myth about the panels operating in daylight not sunshine.


Check it out!


If you would really like to sell more solar panels and batteries through creating an animation to combat the myths of solar, then get in touch!!


Why Line Only Animation Could be the Best Style for Your Marketing Videos

line only design animation video GIF

Line only animation could be the best solution for your marketing videos, here’s why.

With whiteboard style animation, with images appearing as if drawn by hand, it often takes time for the drawings to appear. This is fine if you are an organisation such as the Royal Society of Arts, who use animation with drawn images to educate, and to drive social progress. These animations are very professional, and excellent at getting detailed points across to the viewer. The detailed learning points presented are key to the overall message and these longer points make slowly drawn images ideal for the timing of the speaker. The voiceovers are often recorded in lectures and the pace of the animations are in keeping with the timing. I have created many videos in the same style, but it isn’t the best style for all topics.

If shorter, key points such as product or service benefits are what you want to communicate, then other forms of animation could be more effective for your business marketing campaigns.

If your script is fast and pacey, with short messages on features and benefits, you don’t want long gaps while the drawings catch up with the narrative. Modern customers are short of time, if you lose their attention for even a second they will click on to the next option. Other styles of animation can also be more budget friendly as they’re less labour intensive.

I create simple, effective Line Only Animations for clients. The style offers many benefits and can include much more creativity, which allows the animation to be customised to compliment the marketing message.

Often the line draws itself on to the screen, without the need for a hand and pen to be seen frantically scribbling away at ridiculous speeds while trying to keep up with the pace of the message.

Line Only Animation allows other images and creative transitions to be blended into the presentation. This visual variety keeps the viewer’s attention far more effectively than a pure whiteboard video. See these examples of what’s possible with Line Only Animation, and consider how we could create your next marketing campaign:


Have you visited lately?

Somewhere Mcr
Somewhere Mcr coming soon!



To discuss which style of video animation will be most successful for your business, arrange a call Click Here

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