How we do it

12 step strategic animation

1 Get strategic

A half day workshop to learn everything about your brand, your project goals and needs.

2 Propose

An outcome of the workshop is to deliver a bespoke proposal of strategic priority projects.

3 On board

Contracts are signed and first payment now due

4 Script

Once we have your commitment, we write a great script to achieve your project aims and objectives

5 Storyboards

We produce the storyboards for you approval with a round of amends

6 Voice over

Choose from a shortlist of experienced voice over artists

7 The design

Depending upon your project requirements, we will draw and create characters, backgrounds or design assets.

8 Animatic

We take the designs with the draft audio design, along with the selected voice over [if needs be]. We turn it into a still image movie for you to see how your animation is shaping up and suggest amends before the animation begins.

9 Animation

We bring the story to life! Upon completion, it will be sent over for your approval along with the latest version of the audio design.

10 Edit

A round of amends on the animation and the audio design.

11 Upload

Versions for each preferred platform delivered to you or your preferred marketer.

12 Marketing

Animation content will be planned as part of a larger marketing strategy.