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Desk with a laptop, drawing tablet and pen, notebook, cup, earphones, dice, and post-it notes

Emma’s internship Week 3

(Written Aug 30th 2017) Week 3 has come and gone, each week passing quicker than the previous as I become adjusted to life in KEA. I still have many tasks to do and am becoming more involved in the workings of KEA; this week I began devising ideas for the upcoming Play Doh Day on …

4 panel comic of when you are excited for the bank holiday but the weather ruins it.

Emma’s internship Week 2

  (Written Aug 22nd 2017) The second week has passed and my internship already feels like it’s flying by. I already feel that I have done so much in such a short space of time, at KEA I am always given tasks to do so there is never a second where I don’t have anything …

Illustration of a university graduate after just receiving their certificate, questioning if a job also comes along with it.

Emma’s internship Week 1

What I thought would happen when I graduated and then what did happen.   (Written Aug 15th 2017) You step up onto that stage, hundreds of eyes watching you as your name is called and you’re walking across the stage towards the Chancellor who is holding your certificate waiting to congratulate you (though you’re too …