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Three ways I can help your business

1 To develop your animation strategy with you
You’ve decided you want an animation for your business, right? But is this the right time for your business and do you have the right channels in place to really make the most of your beautifully crafted, well thought out animation? Over my years of creating animation for clients, without a doubt the most successful pieces are where the animation is supported by a clear strategy and objectives. I’ve also seen my fair share of disappointed Marketing Managers who thought a single non-strategic animation alone would be enough. This is why I developed strategy workshops!
In a three-hour session, we’ll understand your audience and aspirational customers. We’ll discuss the buyer journey and can identify opportunities to build brand awareness.
Next we take that knowledge and understanding to create clear messaging for your animations.
The session will result in a clear understanding of the marketplace, the digital landscape and your business’ place in that space. And you’ll leave with an overarching strategy for digital communications including a 12-month tactical channel plan for seeding and sharing your animation.
Together we can ensure a great return on your investment in animation before you even start getting animated.
2 To explain who you are or what you do
If more of your prospects understood your service, then you would increase conversions. Do you have lots of website visitors? But find yourself wishing more of them would become customers?
They know they have a problem that you could solve, but perhaps you are not clear on why you and not your competitors.
By explaining your service or product simply and demonstrating who you are through the power of animation, you can engage your audience to increase your website conversions.
Explainer animations work well embedded on business’ website, converting those that are already visiting, looking around, interested in finding our more about your business and why they should buy from you.
Because you already know plenty about your customers, you are most likely already successfully driving traffic to your site. An explainer animation is a great way for you to close that gap in your conversions.
3 To drive traffic to your site
It’s competitive out there. Every business is looking to increase their visibility and drive more buyers to their site. More web visitors mean more sales opportunities for your business.
You know consumers enjoy entertaining content, but people are busy, fickle even, and you need to make an impression quickly. Actually, even if you nail that, potential customers need to interact with your brand multiple times before they even think about making a purchase.
Enter, attraction animations… A series of super short attraction videos is a secret weapon for a business who’s main objective is to attract more customers to their site.
You probably already know your audience well and are not making assumptions about them. If you are already clear on your buyer journey and ready to nurture with a sales funnel, then this type of animation is a great strategy for you!
Attract, engage and excite your potential customers, leveraging animation to drive customers to your site!!

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